Four Day Trek Bukit Lawang North Sumatra

Four Day Trek Bukit Lawang North Sumatra

Day 1:
The trek starts at 8.30am after breakfast. In the jungle, you will have the opportunity to see orangutans and other mammals including gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, long-tail Macaques, Pig-tail Macaque, Hornbill and Great Argus pheasant (the Sumatran peacock). Along the way, your guide will inform you about the flora and fauna in the jungle, including the medicinal uses of plants in the jungle. By staying four days in the jungle, your changes to observe a wider range of (wild) animals are higher. Arrive at the campsite at afternoon, spend a night in the jungle and fall asleep with the sounds of the jungle. Your dinner will be cooked by our jungle chefs and bedding will be provided.

Day 2:
On the second day you will trek for 4-5 hours with the opportunity to observe more animals. If you’re lucky you may even see wild orangutans and the Black Siamang (Symphalangus sindactylus, black-furred gibbon). Sometimes on a 4 day trek, it’s possible to see tiger tracks or even observe a tiger from a (safe!) distance. Arriving at the campsite late afternoon. There is a waterfall nearby which has a natural swimming pool, a perfect place to soak up the jungle atmosphere. Dinner will be cooked for you again and you can cool off swimming in the river and relaxing with your guide and other tourists.

Day 3:
On the thirth day you will pass by a mineral lake where many different animals come to drink water. You can stop to observe the animals from a distance and enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. You will stay nearby the lake overnight.

Day 4:
Wake up with the sounds of the jungle and enjoy your breakfast prepared for you by the river. You can choose to walk 2-4 hours, trekking back to Bukit Lawang or rafting down the river on rubber tubes with your guide helping steer the way.

Price :

Pivate Trek:

  • One person 350 euro
  • Two person 450 euro
  • Three  person 500 euro

price included traditional  rafting ( rafting skipper, tubes, safety jacket).

Join Trek (minimum 3 person):

  • One person 155 euro

10 euro extra / person with traditional  rafting ( rafting skipper, tubes, safety jackets).

What you need to bring:

what you have to bring:
• small backpack
• good hiking shoes (with good grip)
• socks
• first aid
• long trousers
• spare t-shirts
• sleeping bag
• torch
• towel
• swimming suit
• mosquito repellent (we recommend at least 50% deet content)
• flip flops
• optional- waterproof sandals (useful for wading through the river)
• rain jacket

This is only general information. For descriptive four day trek Package, day to day itinerary,  further information, please contact us: info@orangutanexperience.comcropped-MG_6360-kopia-3x2-ret_1.jpg